What is the Mes-Racines site?

The Mes Racines site is a platform to which our members have access to do genealogical research. All our search resources are virtual, like that all our members have access to all the documents without needing to move. In addition to a searchable database of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, we have biographies, family books, documents about parishes, towns and villages, censuses, notarial deeds, a history section and a section heritage. We also have BMS repertoires (Baptisms, Weddings, Burials) and family lineages. A one-year membership is 40 $.

How do I become a member?

You can reach us by phone at 613.729.5769.

You can subscribe online by clicking the "Register" button on the page of Members.

I lost my password and username. What to do?

If you have lost your password, click the "Lost password" button on the Members. You can then register your username or email and a link will be sent to you by email to change your password. If you have lost both your username and password, you can reach us by phone at 613.729.5769 or by email at admin@rpfo.ca.

How do I make my family tree?

There are many ways to make your family tree, it all depends on your preference. Once you are members, there is the "Other Tools" section in the Research Center. This section offers several resources to help you with your research and plan your family tree. The forum is also a tool available to help you determine how to proceed.

Can I do genealogical research without a computer?

The My Racines site is a virtual platform on which our members can do their genealogical research. Our members also have access to five (5) regional research centers whose members can visit and research with the Center's collection. For the coordinates of the research centers, go to the page: « About the RPFO ».

I can not find a certain person, can you help me?

The Mes Racines site offers a multitude of tools for your genealogical research, but we do not do specific research for our members. The Mes Racines forum forum is an ideal place for our members to help each other in their research. If you help blocked or you have questions, the forum is the perfect place to ask questions.

What is Le Chaînon magazine?

The Chaînon magazine is published 3 times per year and is the only French magazine in Ontario that is dedicated to history – from the personal scale to the local and general –, genealogy, archives, museums and heritage, both material and immaterial, of franco-Ontarians. A subscription costs 40 $ per year for paper copies or 25 $ per year for a digital subscription.

How to subscribe to Le Chaînon magazine?

You can reach us by phone at 613.729.5769.

You can subscribe online by clicking the "Register" button on the page of Members.

Can I write an article in the magazine Le Chaînon?

Yes, we accept articles for the magazine Le Chaînon. For more information on how to do this and the author's guide, please visit the Link. You can also contact Editor-in-Chief Samy Khalid by email: lechainon@rpfo.ca